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About Us

That´s us

Margaret How and Arne Becker, the two guys behind the scenes.

Margaret How & Arne Becker

Margaret, born and raised in Malaysia, she enjoys Nasi Lemak and Milo panas (panas is hot in Malay) for breakfast (she doesn’t have them very often though). Margaret has a spark of creativity mostly everyday – which gets us to a quite long list of ideas already, haha.
She believes in quality over quantity and the Chinese attitude of “Chabuduo” 差不多 (“close enough”)* drives her up the wall. She enjoys movies, almost all genres besides horror. “The Sixth Sense” (1999), where the little boy whispered “I see dead people is fine for her though. She doesn’t have ONE favourite movie and “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” (1988 - yeah even older) brought tears to her eyes. Margaret bakes to destress – maybe that´s why we get cake only occasionally :-D

* Note: Curious about how “Chabuduo, close enough” could affect our everyday lives? Read this article: “What Chinese Corner Cutting Reveals About Modernity” by James Palmer.


Arne is a German and lives in Malaysia since 2013 (with many more years to come ;-) For breakfast, he loves his bread, ham & cheese, and a Nasi Lemak or Chinese bun just as much. You can tick most boxes as far as German stereotypes go, haha - being direct, disciplined and making “effectiveness & efficiency” the name of the game. He would prefer red wine over beer and motorsport over football. Arne is a fan of Vin Diesel and guess what, sport – as in fitness training that is. Arne bakes his own bread (yup, German recipe of course) and a morning without coffee and bread is… :-/


What Baby Becker means to us

We believe your online shopping experience should be more than a bargain hunt. 
At Baby Becker, we believe your shopping experience should connect to three core elements which are part of today´s modern lifestyle:

have FUN.



  • You are smart people, so we want to provide you with extra information and guidance on products and the lifestyle as parents
  • You know what you want and what you are looking for – in addition, we provide advice on parenting beyond our product range
  • You´re well educated & busy people – so we aim to make sure your time with us is well spent and you can reach us, where you want & when you want it


  • You love to have fun, especially when shopping online – we want you to feel good, enjoy our website and become a part of our social media community
  • You work hard, play hard – we too :-) …and we are dedicated to make you smile, always with a touch of humor & joy, in what we do
  • You enjoy a heart-warming smile on a little, cute face – we help you get there, with a lovely gift or something you came across on our social media channels


  • You want more than high product quality – we aim to go beyond the flowery phrase of “best price, best service, best quality”. We aim for the highest quality in every moment you experience Baby Becker.
  • You appreciate reliability – let´s become friends who show empathy and care for you
  • You prefer things to be effective & efficient – we offer a hassle-free and seamless service & communication

The core principles that guide us:

  • We care for you and you have our full, undivided attention
  • Simplicity, fairness, honesty and transparency in everything we do
  • We keep evolving as your needs also change over time

The challenge we set ourselves:
To become the best online retailer in our sector as measured by you, our customers,
our business partners and other people.




What else matter to us

Easy navigation and intuitive operation

Our online store is well laid out and easy to use. During your first visit to Baby Becker or when searching for a specific product, we aim to make your shopping tour a seamless and joyful experience. Designed for you, to complete your purchase quick and easily.


Simple and safe shopping

Once your desired items are in the cart, you can choose between the various secure payment options. Payment can be simply made by direct bank transfer or Paypal. After your successful order, you are informed about the current status of the order and you receive a tracking number with which you can follow up your order until delivery.


Fast Shipping

We call it "flash shipping" - as we usually ship out orders the same day!


Free Delivery

At Baby Becker, you can enjoy for FREE Delivery for West Malaysia. Shipping to East Malaysia come at RM5 flat and is free for ordered above RM100.


Comprehensive and personal service

You can reach us via different channels, from live chat to email, social media or phone.

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We can´t wait to be in touch with you.

Warm regards,
Margaret & Arne